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Villa Jure - past- Homemade olive oil

Jure Kremenić moved in his future wife's small house when it only had two rooms. He was a seaman and he sailed under canvas, which was the only possible way back then. He rebuilt the house in 1893, and in 1902 he built a stone water reservoir (cistern and water-well). The house in this shape was renovated 1997. The last big renovation of the garden was 2012.

Turcic family

Besides the house, we have old olive trees. Olives are not treated with any pesticides, we pick fruits at the ideal moment of ripeness, and we carry out the processing within 12 to 48 hours, by cold pressing technology, of course. Whoever tastes oil in Villa Jure keeps coming back saying – “There is something special about your oil...”


Dear friends

There is a piece of us built in every stone of our house, in every olive tree, in every rose we have planted. In return, they coax our smiles and excite joy in our hearts every day, again and again.

When staying at our house, we want you to feel the warmth of the tradition of our home and country. Let the sea you are looking out to and touching when staying at our property provide you with a motherly hug and give you strength and courage for everything ahead of you.

Let the stay in our house put a smile on your faces and excite joy in your hearts, too. We want you to cherish many beautiful memories of your stay in our house, memories that will keep your hearts warm in your even brighter future.

With love,
Villa Jure team